Mahala Advertising Rates

Advertise with Mahala® South Africa’s only independent, integrated, free-thinking platform. Mahala speaks to an large audience of diverse, young creative South Africans. If you have to put the Mahala audience in a box and profile them, you’d find a racially diverse group of ingenious, intelligent South African males and females, aged between 20 and 40, with the majority of our users falling between the ages of 25 to 35, LSM 6-10, residing in urban areas with access to the internet via cellphones, desktops and laptops and hungry for fresh, unrestricted perspectives on the South African experience.

Download the Mahala Rate Card 2012.

Here at Mahala® we’re just getting started. We launched in May 2009 and have steadily grown our traffic to 66 036 monthly users and 46 158 of them Absolute Uniques. We have an email database of over 15 000. Join us for the ride.

The Mahala® Year Planner Cross Platform Get-in-on-the-Groundfloor Package

Yearly Print + Web Full Sponsorship – R216 000 per year (R18 000 per month ex vat)
4 x DPS Print Ads
Prominent Website Banners, takeovers and roadblocks (either headline, top box, or skyscraper)
Alternating Newsletter placement
Mahala Giveaways
Social media activations
And as much added value as we can stuff in there…


Web Advertising a la carte:

Newsletter – R4500 per newsletter ex vat

Headline Banner – CPM = R400 ex vat

Top Box Banner – CPM = R400 ex vat

Skyscraper 1 – CPM = R400 ex vat

Skyscraper 2 – CPM = R350 ex vat

Skyscraper 3 – CPM = R250 ex vat

Skyscraper 4 – CPM = R250 ex vat

Tail Ad Banner – CPM = R200 ex vat


Print Advertising

Mahala Cover Poster – R49 000 ex vat

6 Page Fashion Editorial – R42 000 ex vat

DPS – R24 000 ex vat

IBC – R15 000 ex vat

IFC, OBC – R18 000 ex vat

Full Page – R12 000 ex vat