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All the Young Dudes

by Sydelle Willow Smith / 21.01.2011
It all began with a sense of dread and foggy images of the few memories I have of Umhlanga from holidays in friends’ family timeshares. I must admit, I began the
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Young gets Old

“In this heady time where we celebrate the begining of good football and a giant corporate fuck over, let us come together tomorrow and focus on what is cyclical rather
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BEST OF 2014 | Just an average privileged white Capetonian in my mid-twenties

by Hugh Upsher / 25.12.2014
I think I am different and consider myself a personal brand. All my friends are really creative and talented. I am not a racist but I am accepting of my
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by Kevin Goss-Ross / Images by Kevin Goss-Ross & Christoffer Rosenfeldt / 23.12.2014
After giving Mahala the finger a few years back, I approached the Ed for tickets to Roskilde with my tail between my legs, a day before press accreditation closed, thinking
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Classify This

by Samora Chapman / Images by Luca Barausse / 23.07.2013
As you know, 24 hours before the opening night of the Durban International Film Festival, Peter Machen (the festival manager) received a letter from the Film and Publication Board. The
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The New Beats

by Ts'eliso Monaheng / 22.07.2013
It's mid-morning in late January when I meet with Shane Cooper, bassist and winner of the 2012 Standard Bank's Young Artist Award 2012 in the jazz category, at a restaurant
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The Salt Mines of Azania

by Samora Chapman / 15.10.2012
The Skebengas recently got torn to shreds by Rolling Stone (by Roger Young). But when they came to Durban, they were received with ecstasy and adoration. On the night of
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The Dogs

KIF. The Newspaper giveth. KAK. The Tabloid taketh away.
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Debuts & Experiments 2

It’s Debuts & Experiments time again at The Assembly this Saturday!
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Forerunners: The Black Middle-Class

by Kavish Chetty / 19.03.2012
First wave of nausea: this black dame on a golfing green in argyle and khaki shorts. She’s musing on the philosophical complexities of the game, saying “every hole represents a
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