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Stolen Pony Vid

Check out this internet fetishist, weirdness from Eve Rakow and Justin McGee! It's the first Stolen Pony video – I'm Dating The Internet Now – and it's live in cyberspace.
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Last Sunday

by Justin McGee / 25.08.2013
Last Sunday Justin McGee was jolling hard at Oppikoppi with the usual suspects: Eve Rakow, Andrew Berry, Miki San, Jakob Snake and other fun loving reprobates.
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Stolen Pony

The Home Alone EP by Stolen Pony is a delicious and somewhat haunting debut offering from Eve Rakow (The Frown, Rakkie, Negative Youth). She describes it as "DIY Pillow Cry
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UFO Crash Lands Near Oppikoppi

by Yelena Calavera / Images by Justin McGee / 19.08.2013
En route from Uranus, our space-ship fucked-out badly and our captain was forced to make an emergency crash landing on Mars. We went hurtling into the red desert, silvery slivers
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Sweat Shop

by Justin Mcgee / 28.05.2013
Justin ‘Sweat Face’ McGee is the party. He’s also a second generation, Durban-born photographer. He took hold of a camera for the first time aged 15; a hand-me-down heirloom from his
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The Struggle for Sbujwa

by Rob Scher / Images by Justin McGee / 22.04.2013
The studio receptionist is giving us the ‘stank eye’. “Yes, that’s correct. We’re here with Soulistic Fusion – the sbujwa dance crew.” I reiterate. It’s a gamble. Between my honkey
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Beauty and the Beasts

by Ts'eliso Monaheng / Images by Justin Mcgee / 29.03.2013
“You must put this in there,” instructs Shawn (aka b-boy Ice) of Beauty and the Beasts. “Our motto is: ‘no crew’s routine formed against us shall prosper!'” He’s speaking to
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Sealing the Deal

by Ts’eliso Monaheng / Images by Justin Mcgee / 28.03.2013
It’s a cloudy Friday afternoon in Jozi, and the dance studio I am headed to on Malibongwe drive couldn’t be any further out of town for a non-native Joburger like
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Sweat Fact

by Justin McGee / 06.03.2013
Last Friday Somerfaan and Bittereinder returned to that place on the ouskirts of the inner city, bringing their hard-edged Afrikaans electronica and hip hop rhymes to the resident hipsters who
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Chasing Shadows

Last Friday Shadowclub brought their stonking brand of garage rock to the Puma Social Club and unleashed a maelstrom of flailing, drunken limbs. Sweaty McGee kept an eye on it
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