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Die Antwoord Rat

KAK. Magazines that link pictures of dead rats ever so tenuously with Die Antwoord just to improve their hit count. Eina!
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Die fokken Antwoord is

by Roger Young, images by Sean Metelerkamp / 03.02.2010
If you’ve been on the “interwebs” in the last couple of days you will have noticed that DIE ANTWOORD are blowing up, with a combined youtube hit count approaching 200
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Gangnam Style Antwoorde

by Deva Lee / 19.09.2012
Working in Daegu teaching English, I blissfully ignore K-Pop (Korean Pop music) most of the time. It has little musical value and is of minimal interest to me. Yet, somehow,
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Die Vraag

by Mungo Adonis / 15.03.2010
Die Antwoord have just signed a major record deal with Interscope. They’re shooting music videos with Neill Blomkamp and having lunch with David Lynch. But back in the Cape Flats,
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Forward The Sword

by Rob Cockcroft / 09.04.2014
Garlic Brown has been blessing the Cape Town hip hop scene with lyrical sorcery and spellbinding stage performances since back in the early 2000s. Known to older heads as Judah
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Skrillex Freak Show

Check out this INSANE post-apocalyptic Skrillex video shot in Alexandra, Jozi... directed by Terence Neale who also made Die Antwoord’s Baby’s on Fire. Is it kiff or is it glorified
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Neill Blomkamp, director of Elysium, has announced that his next film will feature the acting talents of Die Antwoord.
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Fatty Booms

Everytime Die Antwoord drop a video the red telephone rings in the Mahala office, and just like every other blog we got to jump on
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Fatty Boom Boom

While we've said a lot about Die Antwoord over the years, it's cool that they've enrolled the services of Kagiso Lediga and David Kibuuka from
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Donkey Rattle

In a time before dubstep, Skrillex and Die Antwoord there was a little label called African Dope and a bedroom producer known as Felix Laband...
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