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BEST OF 2014 | Just An Average Durban Whiteboy In My Late 20s

by Samora Chapman / 26.12.2014
I’m just an average Durban whiteboy in my late 20s. I’m in Durban for the moment, but I’m actually heading to Cape Town, or Jozi, or London. Anywhere really. I’m
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One Night in Bangkok

by Matt Vend / 21.01.2013
‘They say, this is the city, city of angels, but all I see is dead wings.’ – The Distillers A city of congestion, heat, sweat, a paradise for the depraved, where
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The Joys of Cock Fighting

by Creepy Steve / Illustration by Alastair Laird / 01.10.2012
HAAI JULLE! I do miss the excitement of losing money on the horses over a chops chutney or tikka chicken at the Britannia. Lamenting the loss of 10 Rand and
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No Such Thing as Free Beer

by Roger Young, images by Kevin Goss-Ross / 25.01.2011
Never underestimate cheap drinks; you keep finding extra money in your pockets and assuming you’re not drunk yet, next thing you know you’re in a toilet cubicle trading make out
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Swamp Stomp

by Creepy Steve, images by Kevin Goss-Ross / 30.06.2010
From the blackened interior and Flap’s hearty physical greeting I could tell this venue was G.E.E compliant (Ginger Economic Empowerment). It’s a fact that no sun light has ever have
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Pay Your 30 Rond and Take Your Chances

by Creepy Steve, images by Kevin Goss-Ross / 24.06.2010
On the first truly clear and chilly winter’s day in Durban, Youth Day, June 16th, the Umbilo Congella Sports Club Hall witnessed the staging of the third All Ages monthly
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Emo Ska Pop

by Roger Young, images by Dain Withani / 04.05.2010
Jesus Christ, 7th Son are shit. I know, that’s not fair, how about this, Jesus Christ, in my opinion, 7th Son are shit. Where would I put them musically?
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7th Son at VMACs Roadhouse

Hola cheapskates, we dishing out freebies to the biggest gig in Durban on Friday, feasturing 7th Son, THOTS, Carboot Vendors and Mr Cat and the Jackal plus a whole bunch
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Rotten Teeth and Tattoos

by Samora Chapman / 18.02.2010
In defiance of the holy Sabbath, the wildly decorated kids of the Durban music scene gathered at the Umbilo Congela Sports Cub for the ‘All Ages Gig’. February 14th, a
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Run Durban Run

by Samora Chapman / 16.01.2010
It’s a tranquil Sunday arvy as I jump in my cabby and cruise out to the Um-hala-ganga ghettoes for a cool pool party and some social vitamins. A fresh breeze
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