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by Samora Chapman / 01.10.2014 / Meet Madala Kunene, the King of Zulu blues. He’s a cheeky old bastard with a wicked tongue and a most infectious smile. At 67, he has nine children (the youngest of which is three), and has been making music for six decades. His powerful life force is expressed in everything from his colourful outfit to his masterful grooves and the spark in his eyes.
by Hagen Engler / 01.10.2014 / Shifty was the label of the Voëlvry movement – a rock ‘n roll movement that challenged the racist apartheid government from within the ambit of white culture. The music gave protest artists a voice, helping to conscientise white hipsters and showed the apartheid government that even their core constituency disagreed with them. The Shifty legacy was celebrated down at Bassline in Jozi last week…
by Karl Kemp / Images by Kahl Kritzinger / 30.09.2014 / Blue Team Leader is telling us that we gotta be like water, flowing up and down the mountain with the same kind of energy that a river has, that we should sing to the plants, imbue them with our positivity. Feel Mother Earth. Soak up her energy. Or was that the impossibly supple yoga instructor from this morning? My streams of consciousness keep crossing.
by Matt Vend / 29.09.2014 / Meet David Jenkins, aka Qadasi, just an average white kid from Zululand on his way to becoming a Maskandi superstar…
by Paul Blom / 26.09.2014 / Calvary, a new film from John Michael McDonagh, explores themes of Catholic guilt and retribution, shrouded in Christian dogma and the age old divides between good and evil, life and sacrifice.

Ode To Fokof!

by Karel Kopbeen / Images by Sean Brand / 25.09.2014
Fokofpolisiekar – that legendary group of musicians from Belleville – has defined Afrikaans rock ‘n roll for the last 10 years. The band burst onto the scene in 2003, with
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Hangin’ With Brian Soko

by Tseliso Monaheng / 24.09.2014
Tseliso spends a couple days rolling with heavyweight hip hop producer, Brian Soko, and gets an insider's perspective on this side of the music biz...
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by Lineo Segoete / 23.09.2014
September 5-7, 2014 saw the beginning of a revolution in the politically tense mountain kingdom of Lesotho, with the re-birth of Ba re e ne re literature festival. Ba re
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by Mooketsi Nthite / 22.09.2014
Mooketsi talks to Jeremy Acton, fervent leader of the Dagga Party, about his crusade for the legalisation of marijuana, and how criminalization of the herb is an apartheid legacy that
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Rock ‘n Roll Survival

by Karl Kemp / Images by Pierre Rommelaere / 19.09.2014
There’s something to be said about the state of rock ‘n roll in South Africa (and the world), but it’s not being said by many, at least not out loud.
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Who Cares About Bats?

by Don Pinnock / 18.09.2014
There are huge wind farms going up along the Cape west coast. Good news for sustainable energy generation, but bad news for bats... and invariably the planet.
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It’s Friday, I’m in love

by Samora Chapman / 17.09.2014
So it turns out love is the gateway drug to life. Pheromone-soaked Friday night. Summer is here, time to go midnight swimming. Forget my busted psyche, the little black marks
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What His Tattoos Say About Him

by Malini Mohana / 16.09.2014
Men's Health recently published a superlative article called 'What You Can Learn From Her Tatoos'. Not to be outdone, Mahala responds by exposing the truth about okes and their ink.
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City Reborn: Part II

by Matt Vend / 15.09.2014
It’s a typical August Monday morning in Durban – the howling winds are upon us and a whirlpool of rubbish from the weekend is circulating around the inner city, trapped
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Heart Sync

by Mooketsi Nthite / 12.09.2014
Yo, why the fuck do some of these American musicians come to SA and give us half-hearted, lip synced performances like we too dumb to notice? At the first I
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