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by Samora Chapman / 30.06.2015 / Planet Hollywood is the centre of the universe. Well, that’s what people here believe anyway. The funny thing is, just about everyone in the world has been here – not physically, but psychologically, via the silver screen. No matter who you are or where you live, there’s a good chance ‘God Hollywood’ has soothed your pain, made you cry tears of joy, made you ache with empathy, kept you company when you felt lonely, babysat your kids or won you a long sexy kiss…
by Morrel Shilenge / 29.06.2015 / Esther ‘Gogo’ Mahlangu is believed to be the most important Ndebele artist working today. From painting walls with feathers and twigs in Mabhoko Village to doing a paint job on a BMW for a New York gallery – Morrel Shilenge takes us on a journey through the 80 year old, pioneering artist’s career…
by Robyn Perros / 25.06.2015 / “My comb definitely symbolises black empowerment and staying true to your roots, and most importantly, yourself. I don’t wear it as a fashion statement, I wear it as a display of my love for my heritage and African strength…” Up and coming performer Sandisile Dlangalala talks the politics of black hair and the eminent afro-comb…
by Tumi Molekane / 24.06.2015 / Tumi announces his new album, Return of the King, with great eloquence and sincerity, locating it in a social landscape where “we are starting to see the cracks.”
by Meghan Daniels / 18.06.2015 / Foxywoods is a quirky music workshop in Salt River that restores old, broken guitars into playable works of art again. It is a place where blues can be found oozing out from the walls. A place where co-founder and travelling muso Byron Kennedy finds solace…


by Robyn Perros / Images by Marcello Maffeis / 17.06.2015
Zulu blues legend Madala Kunene, Reunion island's Nathalie Natiembé and kasi-choir The Soil kicked off the opening night of the inaugural Zakifo Muzik Festival at the Durban City Hall –
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by Samora Chapman / 17.06.2015
A bad case of Zakifobia is what you should have if you missed out on the Saturday night goings on in Rivertown, Durban. Fear of missing out, not fear of
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by Mahala Scribes / 12.06.2015
A Red Bull Couch Session was held last night at Zakifo with 340ml Sound System, Veranda Panda, Sketchy Bongo and Aewon Wolf. Here's what went down...
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by Mahala Scribes / 12.06.2015
Mook Lion – graffiti writer, Durban street art pioneer and master fine artist – will be rocking steady at Zakifo on Saturday 13 June, adding some jungle style to the
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by Mahala Scribes / 11.06.2015
The boundlessly talented Skye T Steen literally burst onto the Durban art scene with so much swaggy style that kids were like, YO WTF! She's won Interpret Durban, she's won
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by Robyn Perros / 10.06.2015
Revealing Delon Moody aka 4givn – one of Durban's dopest graffiti writers – as the second artist doing a live canvas painting at Zakifo Muzik Festival on 13 June. The
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by Mahala Scribes / 09.06.2015
Raheem is an OG in the Durban hip hop scene, having been involved in some legendary crews over the years… from Percasette to THOTS and now pushing his solo music
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by Samora Chapman / 08.06.2015
Remember that activation at Interpret Durban where we got the dopest Durban artists to paint canvases, which were then chopped, sewed and glued into art series Tomy Takkies? Well it’s
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by Mahala Scribes / 06.06.2015
Jozambican legends 340ml Soundsystem will be bringing their unique, timeless groove to Durban's Zakifo Muzik Festival on 12 June...
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by Robyn Perros / Images by Samora Chapman / 03.06.2015
“Behind every great man is a great woman.” Or so the fantastically sexist saying goes. But there is some truth in the matter – we often don’t recognize the forces
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